FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Third International Babaylan Conference 2016

CFBS Conference Poster for PrintingMakasaysayang Pagtatagpo (HISTORIC ENCOUNTER):  

Filipinos and Indigenous Turtle Islanders Revitalizing Ancestral Traditions Together  The Third International Babaylan Conference, September 23-25, 2016

Vancouver, Coast Salish. Aug 8, 2016 The Centre for Babaylan Studies (“CfBS”) is co-creating with Kathara Pilipino Indigenous Arts Collective Society the Third International Babaylan Conference on September 23-25, 2016 at the YMCA Camp Elphinstone, Squamish Territory on the unceded Coast Salish Territories of British Columbia, Canada. Babaylan is a Filipino term that means shaman or healer representing the healing objectives of this conference.

While focusing on concepts and practices of Filipino indigenous knowledge and healing traditions during the first and second Conferences, the upcoming gathering expands to include our relationships with indigenous peoples of Turtle Island or North America. We acknowledge that we are celebrating this historic encounter on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish people to whom we extend our gratitude and respect. The Conference highlights the collective resilience of colonized societies in the Philippines and in North America, and on how a persistent return to indigenous practices can bring about healing. Makasaysayang Pagtatagpo or Historic Encounters between Filipinos and Turtle Islanders: Revitalizing Ancestral Traditions Together is about building mutual respect for experiences and worldviews we hold in common, our historical differences, and our diversity. Our hope is that through this encounter, we can recognize shared needs and an explicit commitment to respectful connection and effective collaboration with each other.

Our keynote speakers include Lily Mendoza, a Filipino-American professor who specializes in critical intercultural communication. She is the author of numerous publications and is a distinguished scholar whose interests include indigenization and indigenous studies, communication, culture and ecology, cultural politics, identity and belonging, and race and ethnicity.

The participation of Squamish Chief Ian Campbell, Mandy Nahanee and other local indigenous attendees highlights the growing connection between local Filipino communities and indigenous peoples on Coast Salish Territories. A canoe and blanket ceremony will mark the beginning of the conference on September 23 Friday.

The opening plenary panel will include “Indipinos” (Indigenous North American and Pilipino) Rulan Tangen who is Kapampangan and Metis, Diveena Marcus, of Filipino and Pomo heritage, and a local Filipino and Coast Salish participant. We are using the popular term “Indipino,” but also acknowledging other terms that may be specific to each person and clan.

Conference presenters in panels and workshops will address conference themes on settler identities, healing through the arts, and re-indigenization practices. Explore with us through our panelists the issues implicated in settler colonialism, identity, and gender politics. Gain blessings to witness the embodiment of culture and decolonization through creative expression in art, performance, and music.

For more information, contact:, or JR Guerrero @ 604.779.4209

To register for the conference, please click here:


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