TAGTANUMYA! ANNOUNCING 2015 Kathara Board of Directors

Coast Salish Territories, November 2014

We announce to you with great joy and pride

Photo (13) 
K A T H A R A   B O A R D  O F  D I R E C T 0 R S 
Abi Padilla – Director, Secretary
Berdita Santos – Director, Vice-President
Bert Monterona – Director
Chaya Go – Director
Jonathan Flitney – Director
JR Guerrero – Director, President
Leo Cunanan – Director
Michael Infante – Director, Treasurer
Sobey Wing – Director
Babette Santos, Kathara Canada Artistic Director
Tha Hoa Le – Advisory Director 
We are very happy that a diverse group of people have
come together with much courage in the spirit of solidarity
to explore the Indigenous in us all.
We are artists, community workers, retirees, students,
professionals, multi-generational, multi-ethnic,
Indigenous & non-Indigenous, first and second generation
Filipinos & Canadians dedicated to greater social change,
and the promotion of Pilipino Indigenous identity,
arts, culture, & history.


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